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As our diets become worse, the demand for supplements that can aid and ease digestion has skyrocketed. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on pills and tablets intended to ‘boost’ our digestive systems (whatever that means) and people are often willing to throw all of their hard earned cash at supplements that just don’t work. Well that’s not right!

What is the point in cramming these digestive enzyme supplements full of artificial additives and ingredients when mother nature invented the only digestive supplement we would ever need? I’m talking about papaya!

Papaya is full of beneficial enzymes that can make a real difference to our diets. Unlike the majority of digestive enzymes, which offer a low variety of enzymes, papaya is full of different enzymes that can help us digest different types of food. One of the most common complaints related to diet that we hear is digestive issues after consuming fat. For many people, this can result in gas and heavy bloating, causing discomfort and other issues. These people are often quick to reach for whatever the medicine cabinet has to offer, usually some antacids or something similar. But these people should consider the benefits of papaya enzyme supplements for the same digestive problems.

When we talk about a ‘varied enzyme profile’, it is firstly important to explain why this is so beneficial to anybody suffering digestive issues. Most of these antacid products contain high amounts of the enzyme amylase. Now amylase is very good at doing one thing, which is digesting carbohydrates. However, when it comes to digesting fats and proteins, amylase is virtually useless. This is problematic because our modern day diets tend to contain high amounts of fats and proteins. For example, if you are a bodybuilder who is consuming large amounts of protein every day, your body may need a boost to keep digesting the protein efficiently. And amylase would be no help at all.

What’s more, supplements containing papaya enzyme come from a natural source. Papaya is one of the best fruits to consume for health, but it is hard to find it readily available in many areas. Furthermore, there have been concerns about the GMO that some companies add to the fruit, particularly in Australia. The supplements that we sell are made from raw papaya, extracting all of the goodness in it’s purest form. This process is a world away from the companies creating digestive enzyme products from artificial ingredients.

But we get it; the antacids and other products that you consume when your stomach is playing up generally do the job. You might find it hard to believe that these papaya chewable supplements can become a staple in your medicine cabinet. So don’t just take our word for it. Here are some positive reviews and comments from satisfied customers who ditched their usual tablets for the supplements on our site. 

We hope that you enjoy browsing the products that we have on PapayaEnzymeWorld, and decide to take the leap towards harnessing the power of papaya!

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